Colorado Legislative Update
April 27, 2012

1 - 4 p.m. First Baptist Church, 14th and Grant St., Denver

Check-in begins 12:30pm
Light refreshments
Cost: $20

Keynote speaker:
Hereford Percy, Chair, Colorado Commission on Higher Education Dr. Matt Gianneschi, Deputy Executive Director, Colorado Department of Higher Education
Presenters and panelists include:
Moderator: Todd Saliman, University of Colorado
Ed Bowditch, Fort Lewis College
Kelly Fox, Chief Financial Officer, University of Colorado 
Jason Hopfer, Colorado Community College System
Dr. John Straayer, Professor, Colorado State University
Frank Watrous, Bell Policy Center

Join your Colorado higher education colleagues for an update on how the 2012 legislative session will impact our state’s colleges and universities. Together with our speakers, you will grapple with these questions:

Together with our speakers, you will grapple with these questions:

  • How does legislation passed in the 2012 session change the way we do business in higher education?
  • What are the budget implications of the legislature’s actions?
  • What are the priorities and vision of the Department of Higher Education for the next year?
  • How do Colorado colleges and universities position their institutions to respond to changes at the state level?
  • How will legislation affect the operation of private postsecondary institutions in the state?
  • How is the Colorado Commission on Higher Education master planning process affecting legislation?

Join us for an informative and thought-provoking afternoon exploring the challenges that face all of us in higher education!